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Our story

The Story of Fizzy-

Mash up the world
with Rio

RIO Packaging Line

“At RIO we aspire to be a lighthouse beverage brand for the increasingly savvy and aspirational consumers of India. We are always striving to create high quality, indulgent and unique tasting beverages for all the age groups.“

We call ourselves the OPPORTUNITY CREATORS

RIO Packaging Line
RIO Team Photo
Rahul Sangoi


Co-Founder and CEO

  • Respected and loved by the team for his managerial skills and his ability to build long term partnerships.
  • Rahul is the leader of the clan.
  • The entrepreneurial brains behind the company, Rahul truly symbolises our motto, 'Do the new’; disrupting the market and employing innovation in all aspects of RIO.
  • Rahul is a die hard marathoner and a fitness enthusiast.
Rajiv Sangoi


Co-founder, Head-Operations & Product Development Team

  • The meticulous hands behind all product development and manufacturing. The resident taste engineer at RIO, Rajiv is an expert at flavours, knows exactly what will excite your taste buds and quench your thirst for the new.
  • He creates phenomenal fusions of flavours from across the world and makes sure that the best ones reach you, each made from the finest ingredients and with highest standards of production.
  • Rajiv Sangoi is a voracious reader and a visionary who is committed to taking our brand forward.
Rohan Sangoi


Head- Brand Activation

  • From overseeing promotional campaigns, to working on strategic alliances to conducting brand activations across the markets, Rohan has made it his personal mission to make RIO a market leader in the emerging beverage brand ecosystem and make your favourite drinks available to everyone across the nation and soon the world.
  • He loves EDM music and is a passionate gym enthusiast.
Pankaj Engineer


Head- Sales and Distribution.

  • Armed with 3 decades of experience in the beverage industry working with the likes of PEPSI, SAB MILLER, RED BULL etc. Pankaj is the workhorse of RIO.
  • The energy behind our national sales force, Pankaj is also well-regarded by both our channel partners and our entire sales network for his expertise in complex and creative sales models especially for a diverse country like India.
  • He loves to participate actively among people.


  • Sun

    Never Give up!

    At RIO, we thrive on challenges, embracing failures as stepping stones. With unwavering determination, we boldly chase big dreams, fueled by passion and a bias for action, destined to conquer and never yield.

  • Star

    Do more with less!

    At RIO, we maximise outcomes with minimal resources, seeing constraints as growth opportunities and embracing innovative approaches to achieve desired results, exemplifying our 'Do More With Less' ethos.

  • Crown

    Consumer First!

    Our focus is on ensuring our consumers love our products every day. We prioritise them in every decision, mapping their preferences and offering what they desire. Placing the consumer at the core of our efforts, we aim for top-quality products, excellent service, and an exceptional consumer-first experience

  • Heart

    Be true always!

    At RIO, we're straightforward, ethical, and transparent, prioritising customer and company well-being while shunning politics and hidden motives, encouraging everyone to act with honesty and authenticity, always."