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Hoja full power aur bol
Rok ke toh Dekh!

Stop me if you can!

Boom Energy

Jo apni hee dhun mein gaate hein, jo apni sharthon pe jeete hein, No matter the obstacles, they come back stronger than ever We love Ziddi Dil and the world is full of them!

BOOM fuels your creative juices and keeps you booming with inspiration and energy!

Boom Energy

Don’t we all need a boost when our energy levels dip?

With vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and C, taurine and caffeine, ye hai ek energy ka bomb! Boom hai ek bolt, ek thunder - may the fizzy force be with you, soaring your energy to a new high!

Fuel yourself with
passion and energy.