Passion Fruit

Ingredients : Purified Water, Sugar, Mango Juice (7.5%), Apple Juice (7.5%), carbon Dioxide (INS290), Acidity Regulators (INS296, INS330 & INS331), Vitamin C, Paermitted Class II preservative (INS211) AND Honey, Contains Permitted Synthetic Colours (INS102 & INS133) Contains permitted Nature identical Flavour (Mango)

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Product Description

Thermally processed
Ready to serve fruit beverage

Ingredients: Water, sugar, apple juice (8%), passion fruit Juice (2%), carbon dioxide (ins290), acidity Regulators (ins296, ins330 & e331), permitted Class ii preservative (ins211), vitamin c (ins300) And honey. Contains permitted synthetic Colour (ins133 and ins122) and permitted Nature identical flavour (passion fruit)

Total Juice Content: 10%

Nutritional Information Per 100 ML
Energy Value 40Kcal
Protein <0.5g
Carbohydrates 10g
Fruit Sugar 1.5g
Added Sugar 8.5g
FAT <0.5g
Vitamin C 16mg

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