And that's what pushes us to try,
taste and create 'new'.

'New' is the philosophy that started Rio, and till date remains the single faith all of us believe in. Started in 2009, we entered the Indian Beverages Market with Rio Fusion- India's First Fusion Drink created to break the monotony of the market and make the beverage-enthusiasts experience what 'different' tastes like.

With Rio Chunkies, we created an all-new drinks category in Indian market- fruit juice with fruit chunks. Made in Guava and Mango flavours, Rio Chunkies adds the twist of fun and taste to an otherwise plain juice or a boring fruit.

Made for the seekers of 'new' and the followers of 'different', Rio is your way to undo boring, and start something #UnOrdinary!
Rahul Sangoi
Co-founder and CEO

Respected and loved by the team for his managerial skills and his ability to build long term partnerships, Rahul is the leader of the clan. The entrepreneurial brains behind the company, he truly symbolizes our motto 'Do the new’; disrupting the market and employing innovation in all aspects of SIB from Strategy to Branding to Production.

Rajiv Sangoi
Co-Founder (Production and R&D)

The resident taste engineer at SIB, Rajiv is an expert at flavors, knows exactly what will excite your taste buds and make you feel ‘unordinary’. He has completed a 4-year Lean Manufacturing course from MCCIA. He creates phenomenal fusions of flavors from across the world and makes sure that the ones that reach you, are made from the finest ingredients and with highest standards of production.

Rohan Sangoi
Co-Founder (Marketing and Branding)

From overseeing promotional campaigns, to working on strategic alliances, to conducting activation training; Rohan is the heart and soul of SIB. He has made it his personal mission to make SIB a market leader in the emerging beverage brand ecosystem and make your favorite drinks available to everyone across the nation and soon across world.

Pankaj Engineer
Sales and Distribution

Armed with decades of experience in the beverage industry, Pankaj is the work horse of SIB. The energy behind our national sales force, Pankaj is also well-regarded by both - our channel partners and our entire sales network for his expertise in complex and creative sales models especially for a diverse country like India.

UnOrdinary Rules!

Painting it 'New'!

We’re always fishing for wacky minds with curiosity, passion and fresh perspectives. If you have one, send us your resume at and we’ll get back to you!