Unleash the #UnOrdinary
the bored-of-
the-regular league
the can’t-go-
with-the-flow peeps
the embrace-the-
unordinary generation
the do-it-some-
other-way public
the let’s-break-
the-norms citizens
the why-follow-
a-trend tribe
Find out what
'NEW' can do to you.
What happens when the wackiest fruit flavours from across the world fuse together with a hint of fizz and truckloads of freshness? An epic fusion is created. Pop open a can and take an adventurous trip to this wild world of flavours, and bring out a new ‘you’ with every sip!
The like you fruit,
in a love you'd form!
Feel twisted already? Wait till you pop open the biggest twist ever- A fruit drink with fruit chunks. A twisted tale of fruits, Rio Chunkies takes you on a flavour ride in every sip, or every chomp, or both… well, figure that out for yourself! A drink to twist everything ordinary, to make it extraordinary.
The taste to crave for more, power to #ReachForMore!
Filled with the energy of vitamins, Battery is Rio’s power-packed energy drink to charge you up for more action! Silver Ice Beverages with Sinebrychoff (Finland) a part of , to manufacture and distribute this caffeine-rich drink that takes your energy to new levels!

With a mind-blowing taste that boosts your energy and keeps you refreshed all through the day, Battery is a vitaminized energy drink deriving its energy from functional ingredients like caffeine, guarana, taurine, sucrose and B-vitamins. A taste that makes #WinningEveryday, your pastime!

So now with Battery, sip on energy, relish the taste and get the power to #ReachForMore!
Going out to buy is so mainstream!
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