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Silver Ice Beverages (SIB) was formed in 2008 with the objective of introducing ‘NEW’ to the already saturated Indian Beverage Market.
When we brewed RIO, our aim was to give the youngsters in the country a taste of different, to take them beyond the limited options they had been seeing for ages together. And give them a taste of India’s First Fusion Drink. With India’s First Fusion Drink, we take the youth to a never-explored territory of taste and inspire them to develop the thrill and thirst for new. Everything about Rio is different, from its taste, looks, colour to even its thinking as a brand.
Capturing market shares and winning hearts isn’t Brand Rio’s agenda. We’re more focused on changing thinking, breaking shackles, altering perceptions, ending presumptions, curtailing preconceived notions, and rendering for you a never-before experience.
This ideology is reflected in our beverage too. Several combinations and contrast fusions of exotic fruits from around the world have finally resulted in the perfect fusion flavours you’re acquainted with today. A sip and you’ll know what different tastes like!

Our team


A personality as colourful, friendly and playful as Brand Rio itself, Rahul is more concerned about your tastes and likes so he could infuse Rio into your life.


All the seriousness of Brand Rio (if at all there is any) comes from Rohan. He means business to such an extent that his stern face is enough to make Rio available across the smallest of stores


The exotic flavours of Rio are all a result of Rajeevs hard-work. He works night and day to gather, test and finally fuse fruits from across the world to create the awesome combinations youre acquainted with.


Pankaj grows Rio Sales in the market. Guiding the youthful, energetic and growing sales team at Silver Ice Beverages. Handling dealers, their requirements and distribution chain is his expertise


Join Ami Shroff, India's noted female bartender, in her quest for New

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Pat on the back

I had my first can of rio in my college canteen today, and it was amazing! The best thing about rio is that it is Caffeine-free. Pure Energy and freshness of fruits!
I would prefer rio over red bull or Monster anytime! Thanks for making such an awesome beverage. Cheers.

Prashant Nair

I would like to congratulate the Genius people who discovered the enlightening drink Rio... i thoroughly admire Rio, its really a beautiful drink, far much better than pespsi and coca cola, but the ONLY drawback the Rio has it dint get the kind of exposure as pepsi and coca cola has, especially publicity and marketing...so Please do provide the right Marketing and Publicity to Rio because Rio Deserves it...
if you would do so, i m sure that Rio would be the number one drink around the globe...
Cheers Rio, Die Hard Fan of Rio..

Tanmay Chatterjee

Im Aafaq Ahmed from bangalore. I just tried the Rio Wild Berry and I must say the taste is unique and nothing like other drinks. I'm happy that you came out with this. The packaging and color combination is also good. Will definitely try the other flavors. Looking forward for your continues service and support in making more sure drinks. Thank you,

Aafaq Ahmed

I am Harshita Mathur from gurgaon, must say after ages I found a drink which is incomparable with anything present in the Indian market..I had chakra acai berry flavour and instantly got hooked to it...itz like breezer without alcohol..I also love the way u named all your drinks chakra nirvana etc, giving them Indianised feel...just one thing if you people could work on the designing of your cans...I would say its not very eye catchy considering the fact that you have an amazing product to offer..looking forward to other flvours...good luck.

Harshita Mathur

Our Presence

There's a lot of hard work that goes into bringing Rio to 30 cities across 10 states. It takes a very enthusiastic and aggressive sales team and a vast distribution network to bring this Fusion Drink to your neighborhood retail store!

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